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ExamPraxis - About us

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We are the Top Learning Platform

Exam Praxis is a Top E-Learning Platform Designed to Cater to the Requirements of Students Preparing for Competitive Exams such as NEET, JEE-Mains, IIT-Advanced, NTSE And Olympiads.

The Exam Praxis Platform Makes Use of Research Based Strategy and Modern Technology to Move Important Concepts and Information from Short-Term Memory to Long-Term Memory.

Once the Concepts Gets Consolidated in the Mind and Information Gets Stored in the Long-Term Memory. The Exam Praxis E-Learning Platform Makes Use Highly Effective Academic Tools Such as Bookmarks, Error Bank, Flash Cards, Rapid Revision and Analytical Reports to Make the Information Accessible that Helps the Students in Judging them Better.

The Exam Praxis Courses have been Prepared by Subject Experts (IITians, Medicos and Top Academicians) ) who have Vast Experience in Teaching Students Preparing for IIT-Advanced / NEET / NTSE / Olympiads.

ExamPraxis - About us

The Large Experience of Exam Praxis Academic Team has been Used in Creating a Research Based Scientific Approach to Learning to Give Maximum Benefit to the Students.

The Exam Praxis E-Learning Platform Gives Exposure to More Than 100 Thousand Plus Questions Handpicked by Subject Experts to Give a 360 Degree Learning Experience to the Students

The Exam Praxis Courses have been Designed by The Subject Experts (Team of Ex-IITians). The Subject Experts Have More than 20 Years of Experience in Coaching Competitive Exams (IIT JEE, NEET & Olympiads). Their Immense Experience of Teaching has been Used in the Creation of The Scientific Learning Approach to Give Maximum Benefit to the Students. The Questions (Exposure to More Than 100 Thousand Plus) have been Handpicked by The Subject Experts to Give A 360 ° Learning Experience to the Students.

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