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How to Prepare for NEET and JEE Together

How to Prepare for NEET and JEE Together

How to Prepare for NEET and JEE Together

After Class 10, JEE and NEET are the most popular and sought-after streams among students. However, there are some situations where the majority of students are torn between choosing Math to study for the IIT JEE and choosing Science to prepare for the NEET.

In this situation, it is preferable and most practical to keep all options open and select all of the PCMB subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology). There are many other occupations to pick from in the future, despite the fact that it demands additional effort now and different preparation techniques.

But many students who enrol in two subjects worry, "How am I going to prepare for JEE & NEET simultaneously?" If you belong to that group of pupils, the information below is for you.

What are IIT JEE and NEET Exams?

The entrance exams for admission to the engineering and medical fields, respectively, are IIT JEE (JEE Advanced) and NEET. NEET admits students to programmes like MBBS, BDS, or BHMS while the IIT JEE exam gives admission to the best engineering institutes.

Let's find out if we can pass these tests together now that you are aware of why they are given.

Can A Student Prepare for IIT and NEET Both at the Same Time?

Yes. IIT and NEET preparation can be done concurrently by students. Here, it's all about diligence and effective time management. To pass both tests, students must be committed, watchful, and diligent.

Here are some pointers for preparing for both tests at once. Look at this:

Tips To Prepare for JEE and NEET Together

When attempting to study for these tests at the same time, students frequently experience extreme frustration. Sometimes, the intimidating difficulty and pressure of passing the engineering and medical entrance exams can demotivate or divert intelligent students. Multitasking is a key strategy for resolving this problem. Additionally, there should be a successful fusion of planning, strategy, and time management.

For all the engineering and medical aspirants out there who want to shine in the exam with high scores, we have outlined a few key tips and strategies below. Look at this:

Make a schedule for your studies

Making a schedule is the first step in studying and getting ready for the NEET and JEE. Each subject should be covered, coupled with chapters that are significant and have weight. You must classify them based on their degree of difficulty and allot distinct amounts of time to each subject in accordance. Set a time limit and stick to it if you want to finish the syllabus in that time. You will be able to effectively manage your time and cover every subject if you do this.

The Syllabus must be thoroughly understood

Chemistry and Physics are both included in these tests. Although the IIT JEE includes a significant amount of Physics and the questions' levels of difficulty can vary, the applicant should concentrate on learning both topics. For both JEE and NEET, the physics and chemistry curricula are essentially identical. To prepare, it is preferable if you combine the related aspects of these areas.

However, preparation for Math and Biology should be done independently. While biology necessitates review and memorization, math demands extensive practise on a regular basis. Students should therefore allocate the same amount of time to both of these disciplines and work to understand the principles.

The syllabus for JEE Mains & NEET can also be found on the official JEE and NEET websites. NCERT books might also aid in the fundamental study for both of these exams. The notes that students take should be revised daily.

Practice by solving mock tests and questions from previous years

To obtain a good understanding of the types, patterns, and approaches to questions, aspirants should begin answering questions from the previous year. Taking practise exams is a terrific way to examine your performance and increase your speed according to the exam style.

It is important to comprehend the specific question structure for both of these exams. The relevant exam site will have the previous year's question papers available for download. Set a deadline for them and, if you have any questions, consult your professors.

Weak areas should be analyzed and improved

The majority of students frequently complete practice questions or mock exams without reflecting on their performance. While taking tests, students never review their performance in those areas, making improvement difficult. However, a student can learn which areas they need to focus on more and which ones they have a strong command of by reviewing their test results. They can effectively use their time this way while still meeting the standards.

Tips for enhancing your performance

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising frequently, and revising frequently.

Take a break from your studies. This ensures that you won't get bored or tired and that your mind will remain calm and refreshed.

Study without interruption. Think about your advantages and disadvantages.

Learn about the JEE and NEET exam formats.

The NCERT Books will help you master Biology


Although JEE and NEET are two of the most difficult exams in India, one can undoubtedly prepare for both at the same time. The real secret is in the devotion and hard effort. Students should be disciplined in their approach and prepared to put in a lot of effort. On the one hand, the NEET exam is held to offer admission to medical colleges, while the JEE Mains exam is held to grant admission to engineering universities.

Although it is conceivable, it is not a simple matter. Your undivided attention and patience are both required. There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for JEE Mains and NEET. You'll be able to prepare effectively and do well in both exams with its assistance.

The simultaneous preparation for the JEE and NEET is not a kid's game, aspirants who are studying for both the engineering and medical entrance exams should keep in mind. A slight diversion from the objective could result in subpar results. In order to effectively focus on both exams, it is crucial to be proactive and committed to your preparation as well as to multitask. Finally, students should have confidence in themselves and maintain a positive outlook.